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The Construction Industry's Concrete Cutters

Brisbane & South East Queensland's leading provider of commercial and industrial concrete & asphalt cutting, core drilling and joint sealing services


Why do our Team come to work everyday with a spring in their step?

After gaining a thorough technical knowledge from working with, and learning, from some of the best operators in Australia, Phil's honesty, perfectionism, natural leadership skills, and the satisfaction he feels from helping others achieve prosperity and success in their lives, awakened in him an idea.

He saw a chance to change long held beliefs about concrete cutting and drilling as being "just" a sub-trade. Phil wanted to take the profession, and turn it into something relevant and respected. He wanted to create a new standard of business and service excellence, a chance to do things differently, and to introduce technology, innovation and passion into a relatively unchartered calling.

Above all, Phil wanted to break free of the 8-10 operator mould and employ, train, grow, and help as many people as possible who believed themselves to be or had ever been told they were a "just".

As a result of this, in January 2005, Allied Concrete Cutting & Drilling Pty Ltd was established.

Every day, we take all aspects of our industry and trade that we believe could be better, and use them as a reminder of what we will never do, never become, and never represent.

Our belief in the Vision of what Allied represents is what drives our Team to stand behind our committment to the Industry to  "refuse to lower our standards to compete with those who refuse to lift theirs" , and to always do what it takes to remain “The Construction Industry's Concrete Cutters”. 

That's why we do what we do.

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  • Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association Australia (CSDA)
  • Master Concreters Queensland Accredited Member (MCQ)


    At Allied, 'our people make the saw go round', so we look after them!
    • Fair Work Commission registered Enterprise Agreement
    • Code Compliant: Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016 (The Building Code 2016)
    Our people work hard and they deserve to be looked after. Sadly, many in our Industry are not.  
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