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Have you ever wondered what keeps a plane from sliding off the runway when landing in wet wet weather?

Safety grooving was conceived and created by NASA and has since reduced highway accidents in the USA by 85%. NASA first tested Safety Grooving in the 1960s to improve safety for aircrafts taking off on wet runways. When they discovered how effective it was, engineers began applying the technique to highways, roads and airport runways.

Grooving creates long, shallow grooves in concrete which divert excess water to help prevent hydroplaning. Grooving creates a non-slip concrete surface by increasing traction.

Testing at Langley Research Center, showed that grooving was highly effective in reducing skidding, decreasing stopping distance and increasing a vehicles cornering ability. The process has since been extended to pedestrian applications, animal holding pens, parking lots, and other potentially slippery surfaces which create a safety risk. e.g dairy farms, concrete ramps (loading docks, boat ramps), parking lots, playgrounds, bridge-decks, swimming pools, factories where surfaces are constantly being washed down.

Safety Grooving is so effective at reducing or eliminating slippage, it is the preferred solution at almost all commercial airports worldwide. For this reason Allied highly recommend safety grooving as the most effective and cost efficient solution if you require a safe, non-slip concrete surface, that still has a pleasing appearance.

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