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Comprehensive road sawing, floor sawing and early entry sawing services in Brisbane


The Problem

Of the problems facing concrete contractors, random cracking is among the most costly and aggravating. Random cracking is particularly troubling because it immediately casts doubt on concrete quality, leading to owner dissatisfaction, call-backs and disputes.

The Solution

Soft-Cut, also known as green concrete cutting or Soff-Cut, has the only Early Entry dry-cutting system, which controls random cracking through the early timing of the cut. With the Soff-Cut Ultra Early Entry method, control joints are cut within one to two hours after the finishing process and before final set. The control joints are not as deep as the traditional method - as little as 1" - and the chance of random cracks occurring is minimised.

The Green Zone

With the Soff-Cut system, sawing of control joints occurs in the Green Zone - within the first hour or two after finishing, as opposed to conventional sawing after final set. Soff-Cut provides the best solution in the prevention of random cracks. Only one system, Soff cut, allows you to cut in the Green Zone as part of the finishing process in order to more effectively control random cracking.


A concrete saw (also known as a Consaw or Road Saw) is a power tool used to cut concrete, masonry, brick, asphalt, tile, and any other solid material. It can be either a small hand-held cut-off saw or big walk-behind saw, and can be powered by petrol, hydraulic, pneumatic pressure, or electric motors, to accommodate fume free and or space requirements.  Diamond saw blades are used to cut concrete, asphalt, stone and so on, and abrasive cut-off wheels can also be used on cut-off saws to cut stone and steel.

Everyday applications include but are not limited to:

  • Demolition of concrete slabs
  • Asphalt / concrete road cutting
  • Factory floors
  • Driveways
  • Commercial and Industrial slabs
  • Runways
  • Trenching for plumbing  or electrical cables
  • Penetrations in suspended floors
  • Expansion cutting of green concrete to avoid random cracking 
Allied recently purchased the Husqvarna FS 9900 D which at 90hp is the most powerful flat saw available. These machines are the most cost effective and the fastest cutting in the industry, cutting depths up to 635mm.

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