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Concrete Joint Sealing Services in Brisbane


Concrete joint sealing ensures all of the joints in a concrete pavement are sealed to prevent rainwater entering below the concrete slabs, into the substructure of the pavement. Water infiltration will dramatically shorten the durability of the concrete, allowing it to soften and become unstable.

Not only does joint sealing prevent this happening, it also prevents the joints from filling up with non-compressible matter which would otherwise prevent joints from moving, shifting stresses to other points in the slab, and leading to irregular cracking.

Unsealed concrete joints may allow a concrete slab to sink and crack. If utilised early enough, joint sealing can defer (and even eliminate) the need for more expensive maintenance such as Slab Jacking/Stabilising (Mud Jacking, Lifting, Pressure Grouting) or, in worst case, the much more expensive cost of the complete reconstruction of the concrete slabs.

Simply put, the use of joint sealing on a concrete pavement, prior to an asphalt overlay, slows and greatly reduces reflective cracking on the new pavement layer.


Before the sealant can be poured into the joint, the edges of the joint have to be chamfered. This prevents the joint edges from breaking off under the load of traffic. During operation, the bevelling machine moves on rollers that are in line with the cutting shaft. This ensures a smooth bevel, even on uneven surfaces.

An additional linkage with the bottom rollers allows the machine to travel between two joints. It raises the roller guide off the ground and is controlled by the hand crank within the operator's reach. This maintains the bevel depth when moving the equipment. The ergonomic push handle is height adjustable and rubber cushioned to reduce harmful vibration. Since bevelling disks are typically used dry, there is no need for a water supply. A central lifting point is used for handling the machine.


Here at Allied Concrete Cutting & Drilling, we offer a comprehensive range of sealants for use in joints from façade work, to floors, to wide high movement joints. Furthermore, we are proud to be approved applicators of Dow Corning 888 Silicone.


Longitudinal joints: construction joints, control joints, or expansion joints

Transverse joints: construction joints, control joints, or expansion joints

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