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Professional concrete wall sawing, wire,and hand sawing services in Brisbane

Any kind of sawing can be a dangerous job. At Allied Concrete Cutting & Drilling, we have a range of machinery and specialist skills to carry out floor sawing, concrete wall sawing and wire sawing within the industry’s (and our own) high levels of health and safety.


Hand sawing

These saws are mainly used when there is no access for road/floor sawing equipment. They are commonly used for demolition or cutting wall and doorway penetrations to a depth of 150mm in reinforced concrete or brick. This saw must be used in a well-ventilated area.

Ring sawing

These saws are used after the hand saw, to a depth of 260mm and are extremely useful for cutting door openings or where concrete/brick is thicker than 150mm.

Hydraulic and electric sawing

These units are used for confined space areas, or indoors where no petrol fumes are allowed. We operate an electric and hydraulic 3-phase power pack to run these units which enables us to cut to depths of 400mm.


Diamond wire saws are more efficient than circular saws and can cut concrete of almost any thickness. This makes them particularly suitable for heavy demolition projects involving bridges, dams, and thick concrete structures. They are ideal for demolition work within inhabited structures as they create very little dust, noise, and vibration.


Concrete wall sawing (also known as track sawing) is used for jobs involving cutting large deep penetrations in walls such as doors and windows, as well as flush cutting. Operated horizontally, vertically or inverted, they have a track-mounted wall system, a cutting depth of 600mm and run of 3-phase power. 

Being remotely operated, these saws are perfect for confined spaces and demolition work, as well as the deep cutting of concrete walls. As all cutting is fume-free and operated through a modular system, it can be used in hard access areas.

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