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Concrete Repairs & Joint Sealing in Brisbane

Concrete is one of the most durable and versatile building materials you can use, but like all building materials, it is subject to damage. One of the most common causes of concrete damage is water.

When water gets inside tiny cracks in the concrete, it can erode the concrete away. Without proper repairs, the water will continue eroding the concrete until the structure is compromised.

With help from Allied Concrete Cutting & Drilling in Brisbane, you can have your concrete sealed so it is no longer subject to damage. We also offer concrete crack repairs to fix existing damage.

Concrete Joint Sealing

Concrete slabs usually include joints where different pieces come together. These joints can cause problems because they are more susceptible to damage from water and foreign objects. At Allied Concrete Cutting & Drilling, we over concrete joint sealing to keep these seams safe from damage.

For joint sealing to be done properly, the edges of the seam need to be chamfered or bevelled to reduce the stress on the joint. We provide concrete bevelling services in order to make your concrete seams as strong as possible. For sealing, we use Dow Corning 888 Silicone.

Concrete joint sealing can be used on concrete that will be the main surface, and it also works well for concrete that will be paved over with asphalt. Construction joints, control joints and expansion joints can all be sealed both horizontally and vertically across your paved surface.

Concrete Crack Repairs

Even with careful preparation, concrete can become damaged over time. Replacing an entire slab can be expensive. Thankfully, with the help of concrete repairs from Allied Concrete Cutting & Drilling, you won’t need to have an entire slab torn up and replaced.

To learn more about our concrete repair and sealing services, call us on 1300 111 288. We can take a look at your concrete and recommend the best sealing or repairs for your particular needs.

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